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Here's the truth...
Learning guitar isn't easy for most people. Maybe you know that firsthand.

It's not that some people are born 'musical', that's a myth. It's that there are too many bad ways to learn guitar.

Youtube: thousands of free guitar videos, but 90% aren't any good. How do you find the good ones, and where do you go next? Don't waste your time...

In-person lessons: Really expensive ($160/mo), and you only get to learn from one person, who probably doesn't know all the songs you want to learn.

Guitar Tricks is different. Our Full Access membership unlocks a step-by-step curriculum that's designed to make learning as easy as it possibly can be.

For example, we teach beginners how to play by actually making music, rather than drills and boring exercises. You get to learn simple songs from the beginning.

We have songs from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, the list goes on and on...

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Whether you end up learning with us or someone else, don't give up. Learning how to play guitar is something you will look back on and be so glad you did.
STEP 2 - Try it out completely free!
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  •  Features a step-by-step learning system that's designed to make learning guitar easy.
  •  Nothing else is as beginner-friendly as Guitar Tricks.
  •  They've taught nearly 3 million people how to play guitar.
  •  60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.
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